Songle relay - Help please

My first time with Fritzing and I am stuck. I need to add a Songle relay, I found on that someone had created but is only has 5 connections, 3 for the contact and 2 for the coil as a standard relay. The Songle relay I need to use has 6 connection, 3 for the contact and VCC, IN and GND. Could someone point me to a download for this one please, or could you tell me how to modify it to add an extra connection.

We would need the data sheet or at least the part number for the relay to know whether there is already a part (a google search of the form “fritzing part songle xyx” is a good start to see if there is already a part, there are several I think.) or to modify a part.


Thanks for your help. A bit more searching and I found this
which is not the exact one but close enough for what I want.

Now to see if I can complete my first Fritzing project :slight_smile: