[Solved] Lower step size (position of the trace bend points )


*would like to decrease size of the “step” when drawing wires, or moving components.
for exemple, I am making a break out for a SSOP 48, but I can’t do it with current setting:

thank you

If you’re talking about traces, just select the trace and punch any number up to 128 in Inspector.
You can do the same with “select all traces” and change the Inspector trace width for all of them at once.

there is no number in the inspector for wire

In English it’s the white box called width, yours looks like largeur - can’t read your pic -. Select the text and punch in a number.

Did you maybe mean where (how close) the position of the trace bend points go? That is contolled by settings on the View menu. “Align to Grid”, and “Set Grid Size…”. Turning off Align to grid gives complete/smooth position change. Reduce the grid size from 0.1 (the default) to 0.01change makes the “steps” 10 time smaller. For this example, I set the grid size to 0.002

Ah, grid! Now it makes sense.

I thought he was talking about the track widths in the drop down box being stepped too far apart :blush:

thanks a lot, that is what I wanted, I have been searching in the edition, setting etc menus, but view is not what I thaugh
I prepared a picture to explain, I put it if it can help someone understand