[solved] Invisible text in my part

none of the text with OCRA font is visible on my breadboard part.

if i convert it into path it’s ok

what’s the reason ?

here’s the inkscape svg


thank you

First thing to try is edit the svg with a text editor and remove the px from the font-size (I usually just delete all the px). There is a quirk in Fritzing where it will set the font size to 0 if you re edit the part with the parts editor when the font-size has the CSS required px on the end (which produces this exact problem). The svg font sizes look way too small to me, but they seem to render correctly in Inkscape and I don’t see any transforms. It may help if you upload the complete part rather than only the svg as then I can both run it through the parts check script (the svg doesn’t flag anything in particular) and see how the part renders in Fritzing.


thank you very-much for your answer

removing the “px” solves the problem !