[Solved] How do I add a Note to a Design

I have a layout and wanted to add a Note (about the interpretation of the LEDs).

I have Notes Layer visible, and have clicked the “Add a Note” button and/or presses the Add Note menu item, but can’t seem to paste or enter any text.

Just worked. My original Notes appeared off the screen.

Can’t say I’ve ever used notes, but a quick test indicates I can add them in bb or schematic view but not pcb (although someone else may know how). Are you trying to add it to pcb? For bb or schematic I just clicked add note and it brought up a dialog box to add text.


I am using Breadboard view. When I click “Add a Note” nothing seems to happen, and anything I type doesn’t appear.

Hmm, on Win 7 and Fritzing .0.9.3 starting Fritzing and selecting bb view (with nothing loaded) then clicking edit–>add note brings up a yellow box that says “[write your note here]” and I can enter text in to that box and it appears as a note in bb.

If this doesn’t work for you, you might try clicking help->enable debugging log
which brings up a window with debug information. It is usually meaningless unless you are a developer, but it may indicate something (such as something can’t run).


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Nothing happens when I click on it.
A note interface would be great. Hope I can get it working.
I’m on 0.9.3 and Windows 7


The notes actually were created…they were just over to the right off screen.
When I zoomed out I saw them.
I will be making a donation to Fritzing VERY soon.

This is a great tool.
All those who worked to create this are amazing people.

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