Solenoid Driver DRV104

I’m working in an energy saving solenoid driver using TI DRV104 that has a HTSSOP-14 package (SMD). Does somebody has come up with this part for using in Fritzing?

This part should do what you want.

drv104.fzpz (6.0 KB)

It has some oddness though. Fritzing can’t (without more work than I am willing to do anyway!) put vias in a SMD part (which this is.) So to get the bottom thermal pad and the vias they appear to want between them you need to do this.

make a pad on bottom layer the same size as the pad in the IC. Then you need to move it over to match the position of the pad on the top. The easiest way to do that is probably turn off Align to grid ( Select view and untick the Align to grid setting) then drag the pad over the pad in the IC. An alternative is to use the x and y coord values of the pad in Inspector to move it (I expect dragging it to be easier though.)

then you need to add the vias. Drag one in to the sketch, change the via size in Inspector to a 0.2mm hole with a 0.1mm ring thickness (because the data sheet calls for 0.2mm holes in the via.)

Then you need to drag the via over the dots in silkscreen which mark the positions of the vias, then rinse and repeat until all the vias are present. That creates this in the gerber output

zoomed in a bit we see pads on top and bottom of the board and vias between them as requested by the data sheet (it doesn’t actually specify a bottom pad, but the vias make no sense without one!)

As well there is a connector (pin 15) so you can ground the thermal pad if required or desired.


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Hi Peter. Thanks a lot!!! You’ve have provided all information I need! I do appreciate your attention and time dedicated to reply to me! :clap: :clap: :clap: