Soldermask on vias

I have use Fritzing for years now, and love it. I have managed to produce several PCBs, and have noted that the vias are always uncovered with the solder mask. That was never a problem but now it is because, it is creating a contact with an external component in my device.

Can Frizing allow adding soldermask to vias?.


is there a tool to add solder mask on specific regions of the pcb?


You have to export the gerbers twice and then mix the resulting gerber files.

1). Make sure you save your project.

2). Export gerbers as normal.

3). Go the routing menu and select all vias.

4). Go to the edit menu and select delete minus.

5). Export the new gerbers to a new location (I always use a subfolder called “tented”)

6). Overwrite the .gbs .gts .gbp .gtp .gbo .gto files from the original export with the ones from the “tented” export.

Now check the results in something like gerbv or online with Aisler or Easyeda etc to make sure it looks correct.

I was getting tired of repeating the steps above after every little change I made to my files so I decided to see if I could modify Fritzing to export gerbers with the vias tented. It turned out to be a trivial change. I have created a branch with tented vias.

To use it you would have to compile the source so it is not as easy as downloading and for most people the steps in my post above will likely be easier. I will make a pull request to to the main repo but it may not be excepted and even if it does get excepted it may be a long time before we get a binary release.