Soldering mini board to PCB

As I am a very beginner here is my question:
I need to place this part to my own board:
WMYCONGCONG buck converter.fzpz (12.9 KB)

What is the best way to solder it to the PCB?

  • Solder thru without pins. it may be not possible?
  • Install a 4 pins holder under my PCB and solder it on the top of the part?
  • Do something else?

Your best bet is likely wires with the module flat on the board (in which case you don’t want to run traces under the module as they may short out the module.) The part has no mounting holes so mounting it on a header will not have enough mechanical stability very likely (the far end of the module will be floating in space) .

Like this flat on the pcb with wires soldered to the bottom of the board and to the top of the module to hold the module flat on the pcb. The connections go to the pads on the pcb.