Solder mask on whole PCB

Hallo I just ordered my first two version of a pcb from PCB Way and JLC PCB. I choose yellow as the colour of the PCB. I got a pcb where only the trace where colored yellow. Also if I put the silkscreen thicker it got coloured.

The colour of the pcb is the the solder mask.

How can I make a solder mask of the hole pcb?

Does anybody has an idea?

While I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking (or what the board actually looks like, which I expect is not the same as the Fritzing PCB view), I would expect the various pads to be free of solder mask (so they can be soldered to) and the rest of the board covered in mask. If you want the entire board covered as mask, I expect you would need to do the board outline with no traces or pads, output that as a gerber, save the mask layer from that gerber output, then redo the board with the pads and traces, then replace the gerber mask layer with the saved layer from the board with no traces. The best bet would probably be to upload a photograph of the actual board with pointers to where you want to add solder mask.


Here you what it looks like

I ordered it with yellow color and only the traces are colored.

Or is it when I order a greeboard that the FR4 is also green?

I think this is working as designed. You can select the color of the fr4 and the color of the solder mask. The mask will only cover the copper (not the bare fr4) other than the area around pads. That appears to be what is happening in the image above.


In that case, maybe using ground fill and/or copper fill will get closer to what is wanted. A lot more copper to be covered by the mask.

yes I got it. But I did not find options where I can choose a different color of the pcb and a different color of the solder mask. I can only choose one color. Would be fund to have a yellow board and a black soldermask for example.

There is not such an option in Fritzing (AFAIK), this would be on the pcb house order form I expect as they are the ones that select what color the various parts of the board are.