Software Download from Account

Last week I downloaded Fritzing onto a USB stick for installation onto my laptop computer. I paid the fee (even though I had an older version from 4 years ago) to support the team.
My problem is that I have damaged the USB device and am unable to load the program onto my laptop.
I’ve logged onto the site and my account but there is no record of my download or purchase.

This being the case how can I get another copy without having to pay again ?

Thanks in advance for any support available.

There is a download link in the email with your donation receipt. Accessing that will take you to the download page. You are best to download the installer image and back it up on secure media (I don’t consider flash drives secure media because they tend to fail as you have discovered!) I keep several copies on different hard disks of the various installers.


I don’t believe I received an email, I do however have a paypal reciept from the purchase, would it not have come from fritzing? could it have ended up in a spam folder?

As I recall the link should be in the paypal receipt email (although I used the alt payment site not paypal so I’m not sure.) My link looks like this (with an authorization code of random letters and numbers where the x s are) and that is what you are looking for. I would check your paypal receipt and see if it has such a code.


No dice, and no reply from support yet :frowning: