SMD LED Package 1311

Hi there!

I am new to Fritzing and looking for a LED SMD part with Package 1311.
It is similar to this LED:

Is it possible to find this somewhere?

Thank you.

There doesn’t appear to be one yet. It is reasonably simple to make one (for me, anyway perhaps less so for you). However the footprint size isn’t obvious from the datasheet, there is a “free” converter program with a footprint but it wants me to register to use it (and doesn’t have fritzing as an option anyway). I can make a part from the diagram in the data sheet (although it isn’t clear that it is the recommended footprint) if you like. You would need to make a test board to verify the footprint works in practice though.


Hi Peter,

Well it would be the 598-8621-207F LED, with the 1210 footprint as in the picture.

Is that enough information? It would be wonderful if you would make it since i have no experience with the editor.

I can certainly make a foot print from that (it is what I was looking at). It is unclear however whether that is the part outline (I think it may be) or the footprint. Compare it to the 595 series led further up the document. I think this is the left hand picture of the actual part, and we are missing the right hand pad layout (but can infer something that should work from what we have). I’m also unclear on what the black dot signifies so I’ll mark pin 1 on the silk screen . Fritzing parts making has a fairly large learning curve so unless you need a lot of parts, it is likely to be easier to get one of us to make a part for you.


According to the Mouser page it is 0.13 inches by 0.11 hence the name. It also shows the metric size of 3227 which means it is 3.2mm x 2.7mm so it is not the same size as a 1210 which is 0.12" x .1"

OK this part should do the trick I think. I made the pads a slight bit wider than that specified in the drawing to give you a little more room for alignment. As I said try this on a small quantity of boards to verify the footprint as it may not be right. Breadboard is present, but not the correct size. I left it mostly as the led I cloned this part from. The pins are correct but the size and spacing are too large. It is unlikely anyone would use this on breadboard anyway so it shouldn’t matter.

Dual Color SMD LED.fzpz (8.5 KB)


Hi Peter,

That sounds perfect! I’ll have a look at it when i get home!

Thank you. It’s kind of you :slight_smile: