Small toroidal Ferite Choke

A prototype for a Small toroidal Ferite Choke. Breadboard-view not done!
prefix0000_Choke1.fzp (3.9 KB)

A fzp file isn’t a part, it is only one part of the part. You need to upload the .fzpz file for the part.


Double Ferite Choke.fzpz (5.7 KB)
Inductors.fzpz (5.4 KB)

sorry my bad

Mostly fine but a few issues. Both breadboards lack layerIds. The only effect I know of from that is that the part won’t be exported as an image from a sketch, but it is annoying. On the inductor part


Dimensioned in px which is a problem because Fritzing then guesses whether the DPI in use is 72DPI or 90DPI. Current Inscape uses 96DPI which will render too small. Dimensions in in or mm is a better bet because they are independent of DPI. This means both the breadboards here may be the incorrect size and may need to be resized to be correct.

Here the px on the left needs to become in and the group (or a replacement which is what I did) needs to be named breadboard to set the layerId.

schematic was fine as is.

PCB is set as SMD with two pads. It seems unlikely that the device in breadboard will fit that layout, but I don’t know what it should be so left it alone.

You probably want to replace it with a through hole pcb like the second part has I expect.

Double Ferite Choke


same as the first one dimensioned in px and no breadboard layerId and probably the wrong size because of the px. As well the pins should usually be in a line and on the 0.1in grid (again the px may be why they aren’t on the grid correctly!)

I set the svg to inches set the correct scale and then resized it (although it is probably the wrong size due to the px dimensions) and moved the pins on to the 0.1in grid like this:

again schematic is mostly fine

Here I changed the color of the lines and text to match the current graphic standards and rescaled the svg to the correct value.


wrong scale and older pcb format with extra circles so remove the circles and increase the ring thickness to the now standard 20 thou.

which becomes

All these changes are in these two parts.

Double_Ferite_Choke-improved.fzpz (4.9 KB)

note I didn’t change the moduleId so you will need to delete the original part before you can load either of these.

Inductors-improved.fzpz (4.5 KB)

This one is configured through hole in the fzp file but SMD in the pcb svg and so will only connect on the top layer.