Sma female connector part

I’m looking for a part like this

thx Rene

Search for sma_edge in the parts bin. There is a part in sparkfun connectors, but it doesn’t come up unless you search for it for some reason. Found via google search on “fritzing part sma female”. It however is smd not through hole. If you need a pcb version of this we would need to change the pcb view of this part (which isn’t overly difficult for me as the listing has pin specifications).

edit: On the assumption you wanted the pcb foot print here is such a part. Note you need to check that the footprint and holes match your part by printing it out and trying it on a real part as I don’t have any to try. The holes in this are .042 in (slightly larger than the 1mm specified in the listing).

SMA Antenna Connector.fzpz (5.8 KB)


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