Skip a keepout layer during (Gerber) export


I would like to add a kind of “keepout” layer to parts or boards, to remind me to do not put anything in an area.
ex: hey Stephane don’t put a big condo in front of the sd card tray !

Is it possible to have a layer appearing during the design and then not exported by Gerber ?
In the previous image, it would contain the dashed lines.

@vanepp and @Old_Grey in some messages you mention a keepout layer. What is the purpose of that layer ? I see it in the code but it’s commented…

Are there any other solution to do what I would like ? Use a color which is skipped during export ?


Not that I know of (although I certainly don’t know everything so there may be one somewhere!)

I expect this is the soldermask keepout layer which is used (abused?) to block solder mask to leave either copper or bare fibre glass on boards (and does export indirectly to the gerbers in that it affects the mask layers.) The usual way to do what you are describing is to put it on silkkscreen which will get exported in the gerbers as long as it is in the board area. If it is outside the board area it will get truncated as you wish during gerber export. That is the only way I know of to do this.