SIP3 Switching Voltage Regulator in PCB-View

Hi all,
for my actual project i’m using a Recom R-78E5.0-0.5 SIP3 switching voltage regulator.
Sadly i couldn’t find that part in fritzing :confused:
Is there anything similar i can use for creating a pcb with this part or have i just missed it?

Thank you very much!


I had a look at the datasheet and it looks to have three pins spaced on 2.54mm centers. That means you could use a mystery part or generic header set to three pins and hide the silkscreen. You would have to use your imagination and some math to make sure you have the clearance around it. If you wanted the silkscreen you could draw a square with inkscape and then import it into fritzing using the silkscreen image part.

The other option would be a custom part.

A 7805 voltage regulator will give you the pads and a mostly suitable schematic. The silkscreen on pcb will be a little small as your module is wider than a TO220 case. If you need the real outline in pcb it is easy enough for me to modify a copy of the 7805 to match (it may be less easy for you :slight_smile: ).