Single sided board bug?

I only make single sided boards and Fritzing is brilliant at it except for two things that I can’t seem to crack. With the thought that they might be bugs rather than me (although the later is more likely), I thought I’d pop them here. If anyone can let me know where I’m going wrong, if it is me, I’d be grateful.

First, I’d like to set a preference so that single sided (SS) is my default. I appreciate I can create a blank project with a single sided board and then load that rather than the Fritzing default, but that doesn’t work - see the next point.

Second, when I’ve made a SS board, saved it, closed Fritzing and then come back to make changes, although the inspector says it’s still single sided, any new routes go on the top layer. I have to select two sided, then single sided again to get them to go on the bottom layer.

1 I don’t think it can. It always seams to start with a DS.

2 is a FZ bug. No matter how many times I change the PCB to SS in Inspector, when I reopen the sketch it’s back to DS. You just have to work around it.