Simulate on breadboard

Hello guys and thanks for the program, im new on this world and i just bought the program, i know that maybe im asking a lot but build in a simulator on bread borads would be PERFECT!
hope u guys cand send me a feedback about this subject.
Greetings from Portugal

Maybe there will one soon. I made a super basic one which has been merged in the fritzing repository (its own branch). If you are able to compile it from source, you can try out. It still needs some work and we cannot forecast when it will be released. There are ways to contribute, some require programming, but others not. Check the documentation if you are interested.
The simulator branch:

Some documentation:

Thanks Fai i will take a look and try to do it. :muscle:

No beta option on preferences … any solution? i whent to githup and open all your links but i didnt made any changes to my program because i cant see a beta option to enable on preferences

Unfortunately, it has not been released yet. That means that you have to compile the source code to be able to try it. This could be quite tricky if you are not a developer… Check the wiki in the github, if you want to try.

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Well i whent down and i read it but is too much for me unfortunately, i thought that if i had the same directories i could just make a copy paste and the problem was solved but i really dont think that is a option. i whent there and i even downloaded the simulator branch but after i look and compared with the files i have from the last version in my pc it doesnt look like i can just trow them to my directory… well fai thanks for your time i appreciate it a lot but im a noob to do what u purposed