Simple part of a breadboard - No part?

Where do I find a part for the following simple component of breadboards?
In my case this is mounted to the top of three other standard breadboards.
Thanks for your help!

Hi SgrAStar,

I gave a shot at making this part, but editing something that is just for breadboards or just for PCB (or schematic) is really hard. The parts editor in fritzing doesn’t inherently allow for the creation of such a part. Mucking around in the fzp file along with the SVGs is possible, but I don’t have the time right at the moment. I’d suggest using a second breadboard for the time being and then if I get to making this part (or someone else) I’ll post a link to it for you.


Harrison – VE2HKW

Hi Harrison,
Thanks in advance!
I’m sure you understood how helpful such a part is. See the link here:
This is a standard breadboard and it is realy a pain to have only the standard breadboard. For those 3 basic breadboards it is easy to overlay 3 but the bar at the top is a pain. Sure, one can but there a 4th board to have those pins but it is blowing up the board unneccesarily. I would find the part interesting since it allows easily to connect ground and plus to those 3 boards.

The horizontal connections could be made much easier to go to the missing part above, in the link the left bar.

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Just too add how it might look: This is waaay better!

Hi Jens,

The breadboard is not that difficult to make… there is a little trickery in creating the fzp. The breadboard cannot uses the parts editor, be exported or imported… as far as I know. You would need to place the files in the proper directories the old fashion way. If using the same family name it should show up as a variant in the breadboard core part, or you could insert the path in the my-parts.fzb.



I have your breadboard powerstrip finished, now I just need to figure out how to get it to you. Any ideas?..


Update: I have copied the breadboard powerstrip files and instillation instructions in this dropbox:


PS. There has got to be a better way to share parts…

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Thanks a lot, great! :trophy:

Yes, there should be a better way… given from fritzing. Their turn!
Nevertheless, perhaps next time if that happens you just compress (“zip”) the files, upload it and use to place an easy link?

Thanks again,

The 4 files are now in a zip for download.


Not that you got me wrong Steve, thanks a lot! :blush:
In this sense, nothing to do with my issue about the power bar, the part for the extension of the Raspberry is something I built. So, if you know someone interested in this little piece let me know…

Best wishes,

I tried it out… great job, Steve! I copied it directly to the installation folder. Thanks a lot!