Simple 12v Bulb Part?

Hi Im trying to educate my 9 yr son on electronics and bought and donated to the program …i cannot for the life of me find a Simple Simple low voltage bulb in the entire library ???. 12v bulb …not led Bulb. We have a bulb.

Please please, can you link to me to a little low voltage “Bulb” glass bulb style lamp. (you know the ones you use in school and have been around for 75yrs).

I fear after 2 hrs now of searching the internet and trying to find anything we have drawn a blank and really need some help in trying to find one …we are loosing inspiration and hope in the project now …and i don’t want the simplest thing to hold it all up and us both just give in.

Can you help ?

Many thanks


Alfred Dagenais published a light bulb here:

Thank you for this link …we did find this …and we rejected it simply because its far too large and couldn’t find out how to re-size it within the software ?

Incandescent light bulb small.fzpz (6.9 KB)

Amazing !!! - Fantastic ! Thats great thanks for that. - we are now under way again and building our circuit. - It is really appreciated Old_Grey ! I know that somewhere in the world there are good folks like you who literally holding up humanity by small acts of kindness . :smiley:

If you want to learn this stuff I made a tutorial series. I think I explained it at a level that is simple enough.

Basically the hard part is learning the complicated vector drawing program, eg, Inkscape, and then applying Fritzing rules to the drawing. It’s kind-of closer to CAD software than raster drawing, eg, Photoshop. I’m still not brilliant at Inkscape, and have to look up how to do the complicated stuff, but I now use INK to do everything technical.