Silkscreen single side question

Hi, Im new to Fritzing and I love it :smile:
I have come to the point were I am trying to export to single sided pcb to a PDF.
My problem is I also want the silkscreen but Fritzing does not export the silkscreen that shows the components…

My only work around so far is to use double sided mode and export like that but that seems a bit silly…

So my suggestion is that in single sided pcb mode that both silk screen layers are exported.

Thankyou for your time(please tell me if Im doing it all wrong.

I think I may be able to help.

  1. On a single layer board check both the top and bottom silkscreens.

  2. I tend to work in the SCG’s but it may be the same. Some of the Fritzing parts have white silkscreens, and they are hard to see on the off white background that Inkscape used for me. I can change the color in the XML editor so they show up. Maybe you could do this and save as a PDF.

Not sure if that helps but it may send you in the right direction.