Silkscreen image wrong size?

I’m having an issue with the silkscreen image being the wrong size when exported to Gerber file.
Here you can see the difference between Fritzing and Gerbv.

Even if I put the image much smaller (or larger) it always appear that size in the Gerber.

(using Fritzing 1.0.3)

Probably your best bet is to upload the sketch file (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu.) With that I can try the export and likely figure out what is going wrong. The .fzz file should contain the image used for silkscreen.


here you go!

I’m also having issue where loading an image that is not SVG will result in the image being completely black in Fritzing. For example the attached one. I used that image in a the past and it was fine.


LedController24v-C3.fzz (56.6 KB)

I think there is an issue open (but not fixed yet) on the png image issue (it does the same for me on 1.0.3):

but your problem is fixable:

just select the image and change the size in inspector (circled in green here) leaving the aspect ratio ticked so it changes both x and y to keep the image correct.


I don’t understand.
I changed the size using the Width and height keeping the aspect ratio ticked, but when I export to Gerber format, the image is still the wrong size.

Am I missing something?

Which Fritzing version? For me on Fritzing 1.0.3 on Win10 it appears to work (for some reason Inspector has put it on the bottom layer though!)

The gerber output displayed in gerbv (on the bottom layer as requested in Inspector though!)


I’m on 1.0.3, Windows 11, the PCB layer bottom was fine (I was testing)
However in your screenshot I can see that the image is also wrong.

In fritzing it’s bigger.
Result when you overlay the two from your screenshot:

You look to be correct (which would indicate a bug in gerber processing.) Here I aligned the logo with the center of the pad in Fritzing

but in the gerber output it is offset to the left slightly and down in Y)

that could be worked around by moving the logo a bit in Fritzing but should be reported as a bug I expect.


I think it’s not a position issue, but more a scale issue.
If you look closely, the top right of the image is at the correct location, but the scale changes which makes you think the image moved.

It looks like the scale in the Gerber is always the same no matter the scale in Fritzing.
If you put the image to be giant in fritzing it will look the same in Gerber as if you put the image really small as long as the top right corner are at the same position in both case.

For example here, you can notice that the square corner is at the right position, but the scale is wrong.

Best bet is to open a bug here:

with either the information above or a pointer to this post for how to reproduce it. The developers do sometimes read the forums, but the official bug repository is github. I would also open a separate issue on Win10 and Win11 processing gerber differently (if they indeed are, I don’t have Win11 to try it on side by side!)


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Thanks Peter,
I filled a bug report on github here

Fritzing 1.0.4 will contain some improvements, so less detours to Photoshop or other tools are required. A relatively easy fix was to support alpha channels for PNG images. Also, I am thinking about using smarter thresholds, vectorizations and more.

It would be great to have s set of real world example images, so we can verify Fritzing works with these. If you have an image that you want to import to the PCB (not breadboard or schematic), please attach it to Test images for PCB load image import · Issue #4157 · fritzing/fritzing-app · GitHub .

that sounds great!