Silk screen partially displayed and/or light and dark text


I have a continuing issue where text object silk screen is missing or pale when viewed after uploading to Fritzing Fab or OSH Park.

To try and resolve I have;

  1. reloaded Fritzing, no change
  2. tried several tests of different design, no change
  3. made sure components or ‘hidden’ text is not hiding the required text or component
  4. I have loaded designs to Fritzing Fab and OSH Park fabrication and identical issue

You can see on the left and right sides of the image that there are banding/lines which are circled in red. These bandings seems to coincide with faded or obscured text or silk screen object outlines hidden.If you look at the words circled in black some of the text is ok other text is faded or half faded like the words “Pad5”. In the overall top view which includes copper and silkscreen view the image looks fine, but not when you go to the Silkscreen only view as displayed in the image.

Thank you for your consideration and suggestions in advance.

regards chuck

If this is Fritzing maybe upload the sketch with the 7th button and maybe someone can work it out or see if it reproduces.

I believe this is just a rendering issue. I have seen similar renderings but all of my silkscreens have arrived as I intended (I have not used OSH park). You could try other software to see how they render it. You could try Aisler (the fabricate button in Fritzing takes you to their site) or EasyEda

Appreciate your comments, I thought it was only me with my design.
I’ve just had a similar comment from OSH Park where as you say its a rendering issue and the PCB should come out Ok.
Apparently it has something to do with the way Fritzing codes its silkscreen layer, but when it comes to fabrication it is sorted out.
I was going crazy trying to narrow down the issue, so thank you for your help

Thanks for the idea uploading the sketch.
It took a few days but OSH Park must have seen the issue before and advised that its a rendering issue and the PCB should be Ok.
Also sublimeartistry advised they have seen the same thing in their design at times, but the PCB comes out ok.
Thank you for getting back to me I had to switch projects for a while as I couldn’t pin down the issue.
Once again thank you for responding :slight_smile: