Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

I cannot find a Silicon Controlled Rectifier part in the core parts or in any other place

Link the datasheet and tells us what package.

Thank you Old Grey,
This is the datashet:

General SCR TO220 - you can add the specific part# in Inspector if you want.

v1.1 - SCR TO220 - SCR.fzpz (9.0 KB)

Can you change the title to SCR and select part submit, so others can find it easily.


Opps I made a mistake with the SCH view. I made the leg connects a tiny red dot on the end when the leg should be all red - easier to see if it’s not connected -. So right-click remove the part from MINE bin and reload the new v1.1 part above.

Thank you, but I don’t see the new v1.1

It’s 3 posts up in the same place - v1.1 - SCR TO220.

It has the same name, and the only difference is that the legs in SCH are full red not just the tips so you can see it go from red to green when it’s connected more easily.

Sorry, but I still see only red tips.

I downloaded that file and imported it and the pins are red for their entire length, so you probably still have the old part in the bin. It’s not important as it’s cosmetic and will still work.

Thank you for your patience,
I am totally new to this software and know almost nothing of electronics!