Si7021 breakout board (noname)

Dear all, this is my first post here, and I’m a newb Fritzing user altogether. I find it a fantastic app with great community support, hence I want to dive deeper.

For my project, I am going to use Si7021-based sensor breakout boards I bought from China. They are described in detail on MySensors: Unfortunately, I haven’t found this specific board part for Fritzing yet.

So the question is how should I search for it, to make sure I don’t start learning new part design instead of reusing something already made.

I’ve assumed you have checked here, but search Google and add Fritzing to the term. Also select images so you can spot it quicker.

Sure, did both. No luck so far.

A google search for “fritzing part si7021” turns up parts in both adafruit’s and sparkfun’s frtizing repos as well as this project on the Fritzing projects site which has a part in the temp part bin:


Correct, found all of those, they are all not what I am looking for (unless I am blind).

The part I am after looks very much like the barometric pressure sensor GY-68 from the project you linked as well as the VERTER buck-boost there. So much so that I was thinking of re-using those to create the part myself (but it’s still a major effort for me to do it right). It does not look like the Adafruit or the SparkFun modules.

Potentially, the part may also be called SHT21 (see the page I linked in the original post), and I now even found a page showing a Fritzing layout with those modules: But as you can see, the part is not drawn according to Fritzing quality, and I cannot download it anyway (could contact the guy of course if I cannot find the solution otherwise).

Does it make sense?

I was looking at the SI7021 part, but you are correct the pinout is different (perhaps sparkfun’s version). When I get some time I’ll change it in to a correct (or at least correcter) part.


I found how to include images :slight_smile: But I can only include one image :frowning: So have to split it in two posts.

To make it clear: what I am looking for is this part (3.3 V, 5 V tolerant design):
It is visually similar to GY-68.

This part from MySensors page resembles the Adafruit design, but has 4 instead of 5 pins and I am not looking for it. It’s a 3.3 V design.

The BMP180 is close, but boy is it made bad in BB

EDIT - also PCB uses path instead of circle.

I butchered a quick one, but it’s probably best to get Van to check it before you use it. At min check it yourself thoroughly.
Si7021.fzpz (14.5 KB)

The only actionable complaint is that breadboard has the layerId silkscreen (which will break exporting the part as pdf or svg), but that’s all.


I’m not that advanced to fix that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a copy of the part with the correct layerId in breadboard.

Si7021.fzpz (14.7 KB)

I didn’t change the moduleId so you will need to delete the current part before loading this one.


Thank you people! Really appreciate the community!