Should I add the mcu nano or the headers for it on PCB view?

Im working on a pcb design and ive been adding female headers to insert the attiny85 or the nano into it. In this case which was one of the first designs I made, I actually dragged in a nano and a servo! Im thinking that for pcb manufacture I should replace the nano and servo connections with headers for them, right?

What happens if I send in a gerber file with a nano and servo component in place like that? Do they just send the respective-connected empty holes for the components to sit into?

You should use the correct part when available. What you see on the PCB view is what you get. It will give you the holes and the silkscreen outline which helps in deciding where to place the parts as well as assembly. It also helps in that you can mouse over the pins and it will tell you what the pin is.

Oh duh! For some reason I was thinking they would send the headers on the pcb. Theyll send the pcb with the traces made and its my job to put the headers on it and then the mcu regardless!