Shematic view strange

Hi, I have the
Version 0.9.2 (b8d2d5970658f0bed09c661c9ea9a515b5f40f44c 2014-11-19) 64 [Qt 5.2.1]
Just downloaded for WIndows 8 (also 7 tested). I created my own breadboard by examples from the Arduino KIT (schools) UNO. I found all compontents and it looked exact like in the book and on my board. When I click on shema: (it doesn’t matter how I turn the board and arduino), the wires are somewhere overall and the compontents (I just had 3 leds with resister in front). When I check examples in Fritz the shema looks ok. Why is it like this?? Why I don’t get the same order like on my board? (it looks like that the begin and end of the wires are switched in the shema… very strange) .

Hi geophisic_lady,

This is ‘normal’ in the schematic and PCB view you need to place the components where you want them and go from there.
Every view is a custom view. Fritzing can’t predict what should go where.

Hope this helps.

Hi. I checked again today and tried long to get anything done. The cables are wrong connected and I tried to autoroute or also flip and turn Arduino Uno board. Then I realized that the right side of the board with the digital in and output are placed in the opposite order than in original. It is impossible to turn the board correct and to get when I connect 5V/GRND and 23456 digital pins.
The cables cannot be placed in line and it is always taking something else than I want.
If you check at the Arduino page: I used Space_ship project 2. The breadboard is the same. Please check it. I cannot attach any screenshots here.

What revision is your UNO? Is it an original Arduino or a Clone?
You eventually could edit the part and rename the pins. But yeah that’s an extra learning curve. Allthough it’s not that hard.

The UNO’s in Fritzing are Rev.3 As far as i know these should be correct.