SFM-27 DC 3-24V Active Buzzer Fritzing Design

Hi. I’m looking for a model for Fritzing the FM-27 DC 3-24V (White). It go like this:

And this is the details about the dimension.

this is the links: 1.95€ 39% OFF|5 Buah SFM 27 DC 3 24V Active Buzzer Magnetik Long Continous Beep Tone Piezo Buzzer, Motherboard Speaker Klakson Komputer UNTUK Arduino| | - AliExpress

Would anybody be able to create a part of the following information? That would be so great.

The buzzer in core parts should be close enough. Like switches there are an infinite number of buzzers and making a new part for each one is basically a waste of time, you need to use a generic one.

here the color is black instead of white but it appears otherwise identical.


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