Several problems in creating part

I tried to create the part of an expansion board for BBC micro:bit. Although I did choose OCR A-font in Inkscape fritzing shows me the message that only OCRA and Droid fonts are usable and replaced it with some default font (very small). After installing a Droid font and replacing some letters in Inkscape the some message appears.

My second problem is to select the pins on the part btw selction works fine. But after saving it could not been chosen.


I know part creation is not realy simple, but maybe there is a mistake in my art of thinking :thinking:


I looked at your file… Good start but, other than looking pretty, the file structure is Not Correct and will be simpler to start over or, spend excess time copy/pasting what you have…

FYI - The file structure for Parts and PCB are not the same.

You need the structure for Parts. Example below - pay attention to Layer names, Layer subgrouping and Item names or, give up now…

That’s a mad drawing :slightly_smiling_face:
The small font is because you have to remove the px in the XML.

I think you have to put all groups in a group called beardboard, but upload the part here with the 7th icon above and I’ll have a look at the selection problem.