Set Size of PCB

Hi Guys

I have a quick question, how can I set the PCB Size I would like to use, or if this is not possible how can I see after the autorouting how big the size is of the PCB?


When in PCB view select the board and then in the inspector change the dimensions of the board. Also note that Autorouter does not work well unless your board is very basic and you have all the parts placed exactly where they should be for the best routing already. And even then the routes it creates will be ugly and not very efficient. I would NOT recommend anyone use the autorouter (in any EDA software).

You should also be able to set the shape of the board. Round, triangle, etc. I believe.

I do not believe there is a triangle but there are many other shapes and premade boards.

And for some reason your comment also made me realize there is another way to resize the board. You can grab the little white tabs on the corner of the board and drag them to resize it.

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