Set picture on surface of pcb

hi at all,

I’ve following problem: I tried to set a picture/logo on the surface of the pcp. I’ve used the “silkscreen image” tool in the core parts. I changed the picture file but I only get vertical stripes. I already tried zu reduce my picture size or file type - but it don’t work.

Did anyone have an solution or have/had the same problem?

Best regards


What Fritzing version are you using? If it is 0.9.6 try downgrading to 0.9.4. There is a bug (which will be fixed in 0.9.7 which isn’t released yet) that is breaking some image loads on 0.9.6. The bug is that Fritzing doesn’t currently recognize numbers of the form


in the path d field, so an alternative (perhaps not practical!) is to change the path so it doesn’t have any such numbers only integers.