Set IC Dimensions

Hi Everyone. I am a complete newbie to Fritzing. I have a problem regarding setting the dimensions for the customised IC I just created. So far I have set the number of pins for my part and have named them all. However, I don’t know where I can set the dimensions for it as there are no prompts in the parts editor at all. Would anyone please help me out with this problem :slight_smile: ?

Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it :blush:


If you want to make a totally new part you have to make all the drawings etc. You can make a custom part with Inspector or Edit.

Search the package designation, something might already be made.

One or the other of these may help you as well, although it sounds like a generic IC of the appropriate pin count and change the labels with parts editor may be all you need.


haha thanks so much for your responses guys. A few minutes after I had posted, I realised that length of an IC grows in proportion to the number of pins used (i.e An IC with 40 pins will be scaled longer relatively to that with only 8 pins). Therefore, generally length doesn’t have to be altered manually.

As for width, we can change it by specifying the spacing between the pins as prompted by one of the specifications (i.e 300, 600mil or so).

Thank you so much for your time guys! I have successfully customised my own IC in Fritzing.

Thank you Old_Grey for being the first to reply to my question. please refer to the general reply which is for you guys I gave below. Thank you so much once again