Servo connector (male and female)

I need connectors (plugs) for RC hobby servos. I cannot find them in the library, at least not in the way I want (I found one where the view is in the direct of the pins; I rather look for a view normal to it). But I am 100% sure they exist. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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I expect we need a spec sheet or a picture of what you want. Normally servo connections are indicated by a 3 pin 0.1in header like this:

These two are standard generic headers modified to have the servo pins labeled in schematic (a normal generic header has no labels.)


Thank you for your answer. I was already afraid to be not specific enough. I already found the connectors that you describe. I rather search for something like in the following picture (so a different view of the same connector):

It is easy enough to make one, but it is unclear where the wires go. Are you looking for something like this (although this is a motor not a servo)


There are 4 of these intended to attach to a driver card for the MicroBit (the wires are in a different place to allow the connection, which is why there are 4.) Unfortunately the wires aren’t movable so it is less than flexible.


Thank you for that. We RC hobbiests call this “servo”. But, yes it’s a motor. I guess I need to make one myself . But the view would be like from my screenshot. I found that in a Fritzing picture, so I though they exist.
Thanks again.

There is a servo in core parts (with three wires unlike the motor above which only has two.)

It is configured with bendable wires so you can extend the wire as I have done with the signal wire. It should (I haven’t done it) be possible to make a more header like end to the wire, but only for each wire there is no facility to group wires together. So it would end up as three single pin headers each needing to be placed on the receiving connector in the correct order instead of a three pin header. By left mouse clicking the wire and holding down the cntrl key you can cause the wires to bend like this


which is the main advantage of the bendable leg parts along with being able to change the length of the wire in a sketch. Bendable leg parts are fairly difficult to make (I don’t remember if I included that in my tutorial series) so you may be better off to get me to make a part for you if this is what you need.


Thank you. I’ll have a look at that as well.