Serial Monitor help Arduino

Hello I am having trouble with the Serial Monitor in Fritzing.

I have multiple tabs in fritzing for different sensors. I tested one sensor and the serial monitor opened fine and produced the values I needed. Now when I upload another sensor code and open the serial monitor it still produces the readings from the old sensor code.

I tried clearing the serial monitor but with no luck.

Anybody run into this problem before?

This is all for the Arduino platform. Everything is linked up fine because when I copy the code from fritizing and then open the Arduino software separately it works fine. I can do this but it is annoying to have to keep opening a separate tab to test my code.


If you it is what I think it is… The problem is not Fritzing, it’s the Arduino IDE, The Arduino IDE does not have the option to open sketches with command lines. Ones the Arduino IDE is developed to use commands lines then the Fritzing thing should work… It is best to just run them straight from the Arduino IDE for now…