Sensor schematic needed (SEN0240)

Hey, I need the schematic for OYMotion Gravity (SEN0240) sensor (2 separate units - Dry Electrode Board and Signal Transmitter Board) and I’ve got little to no experience with creating them. I tried to find this (or similiar one) on the forum, but I failed to do so.
If anyone has it somehow or is kind enough to help, I’ll really appreciate it!

Datasheed link:

EDIT Image of the components mentioned in the post:

Try this post in the forums


Thank you for the quick reply, but what I need is the EMG sensor from the same line of products (that is - Gravity). That’s why I specified the SEN0240. Still - I appreciate the time you dedicated to my case.

UP just to see if anyone who somehow used that one has one ready :flushed:

This part should do what you want.

dfr-SEN0240.fzpz (13.7 KB)


Thank you so much! It really helps a lot - just in case I ever need some other element - do you do them by yourself, or did you happen to find it? Either way - once again - I’m trully grateful, especially since it looks wonderful

I made a new part as it didn’t appear to exist.