Sensor pad from copper traces


I would like to create a part that is the lower half of a force sensor. It just consists of two intertwined copper traces and a connector for each. The traces may look like this:

I have seen quite a few tutorial on creating parts, oblong pads etc., but I must confess I did not find a clue as of how to achieve this:

  • the traces and spaces between must not be covered by the solder mask or silkscreen prints - a square convex hull without any covering will do
  • the size shall be adjustable, scaling the SVG as is required, but leaving the connectors intact.
  • the schematic shall show it as a variable resistor
  • there is no breadboard representation

Can you give me some hints where to look for parts or even all of the staps to a solution? Any help is highly appreciated.

Search for “invisible copper” in the forum search bar and you will find some articles by SteelGoose on doing exactly this for touch sensors.


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Wonderful, thank you!