Selecting parts such as SMD Pads - hotkey? or some kind of "select only" key?

Just updated to the latest 1.01 but I notice an issue I’ve always faced (and keep forgetting to ask about it). But, is there a special key to press or something that prevents you drawing a wire and only SELECTS the part? Sometimes, I find SMD stuff impossible to pick up and move!! Take this screenshot as an example - the pad JP1 - can’t be selected and dragged with the mouse now! It either selects the PCB itself, or will only even do the wire function (eg creating a wire/trace from that pad). How in blooming hell can I just SELECT and MOVE the part !? It’s very frustrating indeed

Many thanks in advance!

There isn’t a real good answer. Zooming in sometimes helps as does right clicking on the part and clicking on “Bring to front”, it isn’t a good solution because I find it often doesn’t work.

clicking on the pcb and clicking send to back should lower its select priority as well. That’s about the extent of what is available AFAIK.


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Hi Peter, thank you for the info, I had tried both of those but it doesn’t always work. In cases like the SMD pads, there’s no “white space” around the part to grab ahold of which is effectively where the problem lies. With other parts that have a silkscreen border (eg: J1 in my earlier screenshot) or extra “white space” CAN be grabbed… but things like SMD pads with zero white space are an absolute nightmare.

Fritzing really needs some kind of hotkey or something so that whilst chosen key is pressed, you can only select parts - so it would ‘disable’ the trace function for as long as you keep the key pressed, allowing you to select and move stuff easily. Perhaps I’ll create a github feature request or something.

If I turn off the copper layer, I can select and move the part - but obv that’s tricky because the SMD pad becomes invisible! Only the label giving it away and more often than not that doesn’t help you find the part.

Many thanks again

Probably worth filing an enhancement request on github:

as it would be useful!


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I shall do exactly that, many thanks :slight_smile: