Select Bottom or Top layer

hi, i dont know if this the good place to ask this:

i wanna create PCB only in 1 side… until now i was creating manually the traces…
this time i cant move some of the traces to the bottom layer…

here i cant modify TOP or BOTTOM layer

but whean i create this line… i cant move to the BOTTOM… why ???

maybe my mistake but i cant modify anyway… and i need only use bottom layer becaus of my 1 side PCB

fritzing 1.03

Yes, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask …

The most likely answer is that the KY-19 part that you are using is broken and is missing copper0 in pcb. However without the part I can’t tell for sure. If you upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) I can likely tell you what is wrong with the sketch and suggest a fix (which is likely to be a corrected part.) When asking questions it is always best to upload the sketch that isn’t working because then we have both the sketch and all custom parts (at least usually!) As well you can select single layer boards in Inspector like this which will only route connections on the bottom layer.

the default is two layer like this

but you can select one layer in Inspector like this (you need to select the grey pcb are to do this!)

I expect if you do this you will get an error message about the KY part not having copper0 defined though.


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thanks for each support
this is the item:
KY-019 5V Relay Module.fzpz (23.8 KB)

and yes the KY it has no copper0

thanks in advance!

Turned out that was easy. I had fixed this module back in 2020

KY-019-5V-Relay-Module-fixed.fzpz (11.5 KB)

this one should work. You will need to delete the current one before it will let you load this one though, as I didn’t change the moduleId. To do that open your sketch, then do a delete minus on the Ky-019 part (which deletes the part but leaves the wires connected.) Then save the sketch and exit Fritzing and reload the sketch (you need to exit so the part will be deleted from the sketch which doesn’t happen til you exit Fritzing!) On the reload load the corrected part above via


which should give you the new part in your mine parts bin. Drag that in to the sketch. Then in all three views move the new part to where it should go and then drag the end of the wires to connect to the new part and you should be away.


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now is working and its ok, thanks for the support now i learn how to define de 1 or 2 layers…