Seeed Grove Vision AI Module Fritzing Part?

@vanepp I am trying to use the Grove Vision AI Module in my fritzing schematic. Request to get fritzing part file for this.

Link to Grove Vision AI Module:

This part may do what you want. The documentation is too incomplete to be sure. The 14 I/O pins are set to match the xiao (because someone from Seeed said that is the layout in the comments on the web page) but that doesn’t match the pcb labels. The pin marked PIO0 on the pcb is D3 (not D0) on the xiao so caution is advised. The grove connector has a 50/50 chance of being correct as it too is undocumented as to which end is pin1. If you can figure out what is correct it is easy to fix that part.

seeed-vision-ai-module.fzpz (22.4 KB)


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Thanks for this part, this should work in my design.