See bottom of breadboard view?

Hi All,

I’m trying to use Fritzing to help me design circuits on Perfboard. I’m very beginner not only to fritzing but this type of hobby (in my case). I’m trying to use Fritzing to help me visualize how I want wires to run and components to sit, in my case I will run wires behind the perfboard to keep things neat with the ESP32 I will be using but i cant figure out how to flip the perfboard/breadboard over so I can see the bottom to run the wires(i hope that makes sense). Is there a way to do this or perhaps I have a fundamental misunderstanding of the breadboard view?

Thank you

Hello, welcome to the forum.

The breadboard view does not have the ability to do a (live) view from the bottom. That exists only for the pcb view.

A trick I have done for breadboard view, is to export to an image file, then use a standard image viewing/manipulating program to mirror the exported image. I use svg for that, because I can use a text editor to add a couple of lines to the file to mirror it, without the viewer program needing any extra option. A viewer program that can mirror the image would simplify the work flow, if you need to view, make changes, view again. I just needed a reversed view for some documentation after the wiring was all done.