Searching for HF41F SIL Relay


I’m new to fritzing and spend a lot of time searching for the HF41F Relay or something similar. But I couldn’t find.
Would be great, if someone could help!


The part here is likely as close as there is

If that doesn’t do a data sheet for the relay you want would be required (images are basically useless.)


Hi, thx for the quick response!

Unfortunality the kf0604d isn’t matching. And now I see, that I didn’t posted enough information.
Exactly I have the HF41F-005-ZST. It has 5 pins (Layout C).
Here you can find the datasheet: HF41F_DB_EN.pdf
I also try to upload the layout as png:

The data sheet is fine. You however need to specify which of the variant you want vertical of flat pack form a or form c as they are all different.


I have the vertical one in Form C.


Is there some update?

I haven’t yet had time to get to it. It will likely be a few days yet.


Then again, this part should do what you want.

relay-HF41F.fzpz (4.1 KB)


Hi Peter,

this is great! Thank you very much!