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MH-ET Live Minikit for ESP32.fzpz (801.9 KB)
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The holes on the circuit board are too small and I can’t attach pins…

This should fix your problems. Pcb has been modified to change the holes all to 0.038in (suitable for 0.1in headers.) As well schematic and breadboard were cleaned up a bit (breadboard not so much, schematic a lot!) Schematic has gotten a bit smaller so you may need to reroute the traces a bit in schematic if it is in a sketch. The moduleId is the same so you need to delete the current part (and restart Fritzing after deleting the part and updating the parts bin!) to load the new part.

MH-ET Live Minikit for ESP32-fixed.fzpz (302.7 KB)

Feel free to feed the modified version back to where ever you got the original as well.


DANKESCHÖN !!! Thank You !!!