SDIP 30 Package for TDA7439

Hello folks, I dont seem to be able to find an sdip 30 part for a pcb.

Its making me learn another PCB package that does have that footprint.

Anyone know where I can find this for fritzing ?

Many thanks


Drag the generic IC from core parts in to the sketch. In Inspector (the bottom right window) set the number of pins to 30 and spacing to 0.4in and you should have the footprint. You can edit the pin labels in schematic also via Inspector to set the pin labels. First time I’ve seen a 30 pin dip …


Hi Peter,

Thanks for swift reply, in the spacing drop down I only have options for 300mil smallest.

And that sets the width between the rows of pins rather than the spacing between pins.

Thank you


Ahh just re-read your reply, and its a SDIP Skinny DIP not a DIP so the pin spacing is 1.778 mm

Bit strange, I2C controlled audio switcher and tone control on a chip.
Dont think you change that without drawing and making a part from scratch…

Image of device —>TDA7439 Image

Thank again,


Correct, but (at least for me) that isn’t a big deal either. It will be up in a while.


Wow, you are the man, and I just want to mention, as I think it is important that we all contribute to future development, and that I contribute financially via Aisler, the PCB people when I get my PCB’s fabricated.

So to get some help so quickly is amazing. Even though this is just for fun in my garage.

Thank you Peter

Here is an adjusted generic IC, the footprint has had the surround set down from 20thou to 10thou and the pads set to 0.07in pitch. Before ordering boards print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part to make sure it is correct.

TDA7439.fzpz (8.4 KB)

You should still be able to change the pin labels in schematic via Inspector (I was too lazy to do it in the svg.)


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Thank you very much.

I’ll take lazy, if Lazy delivers super dooper support. I’d love to see you on a good day !

Printed it off and it fits like a semiconductor on a pcb.

Great Job