Screen printing help

Hello Hello,

I am currently in a project and wanted to embed the logo of said project on my map but could not because PNG was not a good format.

So I was helped to turn it into SVG but couldn’t put it on my circuit.

I thought I understood that I still had to tinker with the program but I do not quite understand and I am still asking for help … Yes, again ^^ ’

I thank in advance the people who will try to help me.

I put the file in the appendix.

Thanks again in advance.


Assuming you want the logo on the silkscreen layer in pcb like this:

In pcb view drag the silkscreen image in core parts/pcb (circled in red here) in to the sketch, then in Inspector (in the lower right window) click on the load image file section, select the svg you posted and hit load. That will load the image as you see here. Drag it to where you want it.


Ahah, hello to you, my hero ^^

Is it normal that my image is distorted at the bottom?

Thank you for your help.

Apparently yes :slight_smile: (I hadn’t noticed that!) Fritzing isn’t liking something about the format of your svg, but I’m not sure exactly what. I tried ungrouping it,but that doesn’t help. The image displays correctly in Inkscape, but not in Fritzing. I’ll poke further and see if I can figure out why. My guess is the order of the paths somehow.


OK, I had to simplify your svg (removed a bunch of redundant paths and remove stroke widths leaving only fill on the character paths). With this svg (which the forum won’t upload so down load this file and unzip it to get the svg!):

logo.fzpz (20.2 KB)

I get this when loading the logo in pcb:

which hopefully does what you need.


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Thanks a lot for your help.

However, I have two small concerns, the first is that I do not understand how to open the file.

Fritzing tells me that I cannot load the component.

Then I wanted to know if it was possible to fill in the small holes that formed on the wings of my moth, please?

Both easily fixable. I didn’t notice the holes, probably appeared when I removed the stroke-widths. Easily edited out with the Inkscape path editor:

which is contained in this svg:

logo.fzpz (19.2 KB)

This is not really a .fzpz file (which is why it won’t load in Fritzing) but rather the logo.svg file zipped and set as a .fzpz file because the forum will recognize a svg file even if renamed (we used to be able to use logo.fzp, but no longer can as the forum recognizes it is an svg and tries to render it.) and won’t upload .zip files. To get the logo.svg file just unzip the logo.fzpz file and it should appear (I use 7zip to do this, but any unzip should work.)


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There are still a few small flaws that I haven’t seen but I won’t bug you any longer.

The result is already super satisfying and I’m really happy to see it incorporated into my project.

Thank you once again for all the help you have given me. :smiley: :brown_heart: