scoreboard for table football

Hi, I am somewhat new to this, but I am stuck a bit. I am developing a scoreboard for a table football. It has an I2c LCD screen with two PIR sensors, one for each goal. Then three buttons, one of them to reset the score, and the other two buttons for each team to lower the goals scored by mistake. And the message that it would carry on the screen would be that of each team with the numbering of the goals. Anyway, if someone has done something similar or knows how they could help me, I would be very grateful, even if someone works on doing this type of code-work, because everything is a matter of speaking it and understanding each other. Agree? Greetings and thanks for everything.

A google search for “fritzing scoreboard for a table football” turns up this project (LED display rather than lcd)

and this one (with an lcd)

either of which may give you a starting point.