Scheme good practices

I’m a beginner in electronic and I have some questions about good practices on making schemes.
I’m working on a project and it will be public. I didn’t finish, It miss many things(parts, labels…) but before I continue, I wanted to know which of my schemes is better.

Here they are : (sorry I’m new I can’t post more than one pic)

  • The first scheme is almost like in the real circuit with the stripboards and the real cables colors but I think it’s too much.
  • In the second, I removed stripboards for direct connections but I kept the colors. I think it’s a little more clear.
  • In the third, I removed colors too. It’s much clearer than the first. But we lose informations.

(Here’s the Fritzing file if needed)

What do you think? Do the schemes have to be exactly like in the real circuit even if it’s less clear or not?

I have another question : Can we connect a wire to another in the Breadboard view like in the Schematic view?

Thanks :’) !

In my opinion the three styles in your breadboard are all fine.
It depends what you want to show or document…
Important ist : black for GND and red for Vcc.
One might use other special colors for special signals…
Normal signals in one color is fine, then.

The schematic should be clear be itself.
T-connections should be preferred.

Have fun, rgds, Uli