Schematic view wont led me move red parts

I have 2 different types of parts that i’m not able to move, they are also red.
I can move all of the other parts around, just not these 3
I tried clicking on the ‘?’ to see if it would tell me anything, but i dont see info pop up.

can someone help me?

The parts involved are broken. The red rectangle indicates the connectors in schematic are not defined. If you upload the part (the .fzpz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) I will have a look.


This is the project, and these below are the broken parts:
step down.fzpz (1.3 MB)
Keyes Relay.fzpz (36.9 KB)

The relay part is broken. Try replacing it with the one here

Keyes Relay-improved.fzpz

As well your fzz export appears to be screwing up on one drive (which has caused a variety of problems lately!) You may want to try moving Fritzing off of Onedrive.


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