Schematic view confusion

In this screen grab you can see most of my leads connected to all of my components without issue except the red box in the lower right. That red box is a A4988 stepper driver which I got from here.

Why are the leads for that driver not going to each individual pin like my other components? Is it just a glitch in the part that someone made?

That file is faulty, but my FZ 9.3 has that part and it works fine.

Apparently, you have unassigned pins in the A4988.fzp schematic view. All the pins in the .fzp need to be assigned to pins it the schematic.svg with matching ID: pin names (connector0pin, connector1pin, etc.)

Thanks to you both for the help. I figured it was a faulty file somewhere. Old grey, how do I find your working file?

I don’t think it even has a SCH view, looks like he used the BB view as a filler.

Just type A4988 in the search part bin (magnifying glass)