Schematic frame missing right side line, Landscape

This is probably a very simple issue.
I’m trying to use the schematic frame on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet, in landscape.
(width = 265mm, height=195mm)
(when I refer to portrait & landscape, this is the height & width of schematic frame, and with printer dialog set to portrait or landscape)

The Right side schematic frame line (and title box) is missing.(regardless of size). Even the ‘g’ Fritzing is cut off on right side.

When the schematic frame is the size of the title box, the right side is displayed.

In Portrait, the top, bottom, left, and right side lines of schematic frame are all visible.
Seems like there should be a portrait/landscape selection for Shape, there are paper sizes.

Any advice appreciated.

When I place a part or Text box in-line with the right edge, the right side line is displayed.

Is this a bug?

Probably… There are some idiosyncrasies in Fritzing… You just have to work around them. :relaxed: