SainSmart 16 channels relay board


Hey there,

I’ve created a part for sainsmart 16 channels relay board. I hope it would be useful for someone else.16-Channel Relay Module.fzpz (64.3 KB)


Not a bad job but there are a few problems. A number of your pins in schematic in the fpz have pins but no terminal which means the connection point is in the middle of the pin rather than the end (it will snap to the center of the terminal if the terminal is defined). The input connectors are offset a bit from the .1 grid I suspect because the reference pin (unfortunally I never have figured out what pin Fritizing snaps to the grid) is one of the .156 connectors. As a matter of personal style I’d change schematic to offset the input pins as 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 so that a row of connectors on breadboard will produce a row of straight connections in schematic (at present the 2 connectors overlap each other in a messy way). A number of your pins in the fpz are set as female rather than the standard male, which may cause connection problems (although I didn’t immediately see any) but also may be how to keep the screw connections out of pcb view (although you don’t appear to be doing that as they are showing in pcb). The gerber shows 5 different hole sizes where there should probably only be 2 (the .1 pins at .038 and the screw terminals which look to be .08 something). The mounting holes only appear on the silk screen (which may be what you intended) but won’t be drilled. All that said, please continue making parts, we need more parts makers :slight_smile:



Waooh! that’s a number of things to change… and you know how long it is to redo the connections for a 70 pins board :wink:

I’m not sure I’ll have time in a near future to get those fixed since SUSE hackweek is now over.

There are also a number of things that I don’t really understand in your answer:

  • What is the gerber?
  • Regarding the mounting holes: I see them in the breadboard and PCB views… I don’t really get what is wrong there and even less how to fix it.
  • The male pins are only the ones in the two rows, the other ones are female ones (screw connections). I’ve seen that the SparkFun Stepoko screw connections are also set as female ones… though their drawing looks much nicer than mine.
  • For the terminal, you mean in the schematic view?
  • For the offset from the .1 grid, I’ve seen it, I’ll try to find some time to fix it. Same for the input connectors order.

Note that this was my first use of Fritzing (and thus my first part ever) :wink:


Here is an update with the .1in grid and the connector order fixed: 16-Channel Relay Module.fzpz (74.0 KB)


Wow, impressive job for a first part! I’m not surprised some of the reply doesn’t make sense, I had assumed you were an experienced part maker from the quality :slight_smile: . Your only remaining problem worth fixing is the female pins in the fpz (which I have done). They are what is causing the lack of the red connection indicators in schematic (your addition of the terminals is perfect and the connectors now connect as they should). I think the terminal blocks were set to female so they won’t appear in pcb if you don’t define the pins there. Since you have pads in pcb I don’t see a reason to not change the pins to male, which then makes all the pins in schematic the normal red “you can connect here” color. The gerber files (created via file->export->for production->extended gerber) are what a pcb production house creates the boards from. The drill.txt file in there tells you the hole sizes that will be drilled on the board. Since I expect most folks that use this part are going to be using only schematic and breadboard (as do I, I rarely make boards) and the pcb svg file has translates which make changing the drill hole sizes more difficult, its easiest to just ignore the somewhat odd hole sizes I think. This is an update to your latest version with the fpz file pins changed from female to male. The main difference will be that all the connectable pins ins schematic will be red now. Hope you need more fritzing parts in future :slight_smile: If you have more questions please ask!

16-Channel Relay Module_fixed.fzpz (76.8 KB)



That sounds weird that being female pins, those aren’t indicated as not connected in the schematics… isn’t that a fritzing bug? after all the type of connector shouldn’t influence the connected status color.

Thanks a lot for fixing it! and honestly I think people using this part will most likely not use the PCB view as they would have bought it already.


Not a bug, a feature :slight_smile: the female pins are whats on the breadboard in breadboard view. They don’t by themselves connect to anything they just facilitate connections between other parts. I think (but I’m not sure) in your case they were used on the screw connectors so (possibly along with the hybrid key word) they don’t show up in pcb view as the screw terminals aren’t usually accessable from the pcb.

I agree, that’s why I was lazy and didn’t try and do something about it (and because there are translates in the svg which make changing the hole sizes much more difficult). Good job, hope you do some more :slight_smile:



Hi vanepp the relay board is great but I wonder if there are any 16ch 12v relay board parts available?

Can you please point me in the right direction.




If you have a pointer to the board or a data sheet I’ll have a look around (a google search for “fritzing part part-name/part-number/description” search term anything that works to identify the board, is where I always start. That said a google search for “16ch 12v relay board” without the fritzing part comes up with the SainSmart board (and a very few others that aren’t the same) so this part should work fine. If you have one of the others a pointer to a page with mechanical information (size of board, position of connectors) would be needed to make a new part.