RS485 Shield for Arduino

Hi , I already look into the forum for this component, RS485 Shield for Arduino - DFRobot.

I find this file on github , but it doesn’t work fritzing-lib/RS485 Shield.fzpz at master · amperka/fritzing-lib (

thanks in advance !!!

The part works just fine. The creator obviously only needed breadboard, and it lacks the proto pins and some of the connectors and switches in breadboard, but the part is entirely functional otherwise (the input comes from the Arduino pins and the output for the RS485 is present.) Schematic may be useful and could be added, pcb is not useful as far as I can see and should be suppressed which it currently is not. Can you explain what you need that isn’t present? It is easy enough to modify the part to do what you want, but I’m not sure what that is.


I need it for a schematic view

This part should do what you want. I fixed up breadboard (added the proto pads and all the connectors) added schematic and suppressed pcb as not useful.

RS485 Shield.fzpz (24.1 KB)