Routing under a connector

I designed my first PCB with Fritzing and I got it produced. When it came it was wrong. I have a connector, a simple female pin header with 4 pins. When I asked Fritzing to design the PCB I did not realize that a track connecting two pins was passing right under the connector, thus connecting all the pins in between. Clicking on the pins in Fritzing was showing the right connections, but the PCB got produced with the holes of the intervening pin passing right to the track, creating an unwanted connection. It seems that Fritzing is not able to avoid the connector holes when autorouting. Or did I something wrong? This was my first circuit (and now I am really frustrated!). Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards,

Federico Carminati

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There is nothing to prevent traces from be laid down conflicting with other parts and traces. Autorouting is not real smart. It does the best it can, but results need to be checked. After routing (automatic or otherwise), you need to run the “Design Rules Check” from the Routing menu in the pcb view. That will report problems where parts and traces are too close to each other, or to the edge of the pcb. You will still need to fix them yourself (and rerun DRC to verify).